About Us

Hello! We are Prinkl. People who believe that the most important things worth sharing are the memories we make with the people we love and the places that line our life’s path.

The products we offer are simple & beautiful. The process to create and order them is easy and straightforward. Don’t you wish everything was?!

Actually, the idea to share our easy-to-create, easy-to-print photo grid with the public was born out of an employee's passion to find a better Christmas gift for his wife. After several years of pouring money into jewelry and jackets which eventually fade, he created a photo grid poster of family moments. A year at a glance - as a gift - and she loved it!

So - we’ve created a way for you to simply and beautifully tell YOUR story. Make one for your family. Your friends. Your travels. Your work. Tell your story in a simple but artful way. Your meaningful moments are worth a thousand words.

The Prinkl team